Photo by Will Dintenfass


August 16-25th, 2019 at H0L0

Aeschylus’ tragic trilogy, as presented by Stairwell Theater.

This production means a lot to me, both as an actor and as a woman living in 2019.  Exploring the role of Clytaemnestra is many things all at once: haunting, humbling, frightening, mysterious, mythical, and truly empowering. The last few years I have walked around with a sense of fear and anxiety. In light of the strides of the #MeToo movement, and especially the Kavanaugh Hearings, the voice of a woman is becoming more frequent and strong.  For me, working with a character and a container for those feelings and thoughts are a constructive tool for my own development.
Not only does Aeschylus’ text provide this bold example of female empowerment, but it dissects the questions of What is Moral? What is Just? What is Fair? in the context of war, personal power, and political rule. These deeply human questions are always healthy to explore.
Hope to see you there, New York.