February 2022

This was so cool! Two of my songs “I Don’t Have” and “Now We Wait” were featured in my alma mater’s Winter Dance Show entitled “Centum,” in honor of The Webb Schools’ Centennial Celebration. The show choreographically references hallmarks of Webb’s history, mission and unbounded philosophy. Using contemporary dance influence, the show thematically explores past, present and future, considering the nature of perspective and progress. Directed by Michael Szayni. More here: https://bit.ly/WebbDanceCentum

April 2020

A PASSION: A Dramatic Choral Liturgy Unbound – performed live on Zoom 

Due to Quarantine, and the drastic necessary changes of COVID-19, Dzieci continued to work on its spring piece on Zoom. This delicate and and communal piece was originally crafted with choral singing, dance, and ritual movement. It has now been re-envisioned for another medium. Though separate in body, may we remain together in creative spirit.

December 2019


as presented by Dzieci Theatre

December 4th-22nd

FULL SCHEDULE at various locations in NYC and upstate NY.

Promo Video by Adan Aliaga, director of The Fourth Kingdom, a 2017 film documenting the lives intermixed at Sure We Can, a recycling and redemption center in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

August 2019

GroupMound_2 Photo by Will Dintenfass[/caption]



August 16-25th, 2019 at H0L0

Aeschylus’ tragic trilogy, as presented by Stairwell Theater.

This production means a lot to me, both as an actor and as a woman living in 2019.  Exploring the role of Clytaemnestra is many things all at once: haunting, humbling, frightening, mysterious, mythical, and truly empowering. The last few years I have walked around with a sense of fear and anxiety. In light of the strides of the #MeToo movement, and especially the Kavanaugh Hearings, the voice of a woman is becoming more frequent and strong.  For me, working with a character and a container for those feelings and thoughts are a constructive tool for my own development.
Not only does Aeschylus’ text provide this bold example of female empowerment, but it dissects the questions of What is Moral? What is Just? What is Fair? in the context of war, personal power, and political rule. These deeply human questions are always healthy to explore.
Hope to see you there, New York.