Walking pneumonia Walking self-sabotage Walking centrifuge: Don’t punk out.  There’s a scene out there waiting for you behind the drawn curtains, maybe next to that furry coat & furry wall, you’ll see all the other colors you usually miss. Let your heart float and your mind wander. Mother of pearl guitar name on your neck, like that photo of Merle Haggard in 1999, hanging on … Continue reading Merle

To the Person Behind the Counter

Last week, at the very end of my shift, I walked to buy a surprise bottle of whiskey for my coworker.  It was his 21st birthday, and we proceeded to take shots of Old Overholt Rye out of paper espresso cups, the ones with the useless fold-out handles.  It was a nice moment of camaraderie, but lately I am filled to the brim with the … Continue reading To the Person Behind the Counter

This latte will bring us closer

Last Thursday I went to my first Latte Art Competition.  It was a Latte Art THROWDOWN, to be exact, presented by Los Angeles Thursday Night Throwdown, aka LATNT, at Fix Coffee in Echo Park.  It was a community event, bringing together people from some of the finest coffee shops on the Eastside.  There were competitors from Fix, Intelligentsia, Coffee Commissary, Cafe Dulce, and Handsome Coffee … Continue reading This latte will bring us closer