Getting into the passenger’s seat of the blue-mobile with eyebrows for headlights, He produces an unsuspecting micro bouquet from his jacket: synthetic. I feel the leaves to check. Feels like they went to Michael’s to buy this one: the largest rose the size of a small strawberry, surrounded by mini roses the size of erect nipples and baby’s breath.   Plastic, scented adornment of a … Continue reading Given

4 Bands I Want to See in the Next Year

This past Sunday at work, I was chatting with a couple who comes in for coffee on the weekends.  I recognized them from a friend’s documentary about a concert at Slab City that was near shut down by the cops. (Pop open a beer and watch Open Mic Night After the Apocalypse when you have a free night.  Mike James made a beautiful film).  So I asked … Continue reading 4 Bands I Want to See in the Next Year