Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Two girls asked me, and proceeded to give me the designated phone with the camera set to selfie mode. I went to take a picture, the blonde saying and laughing, “I guess you can take a picture of yourself.” To which in my indignation I replied, “I’m sorry, I thought I was taking a picture of you, with my sign.”

Millennial psychology is pretty twisted, sometimes. Continue reading Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30


I came to mourn the laughter

Here at Robin Williams’s star, it felt like trying to see the Mona Lisa.  It was packed like sardines with tourist families and fans, all reaching above heads to try and snap a photo of the vigil. Reporters were next to me prepping for their segments with their crews, some interviewing asking people “Why have you come to Robin Williams’s star today?”  I came to … Continue reading I came to mourn the laughter

First 4AM : Self-portrait

Began the night doing a backbend on a barstool, spinning and laughing hysterically like I was on a roller coaster. The photo finish: tall and in black lace, smirk unavoidable. Old friends, new friends, and strangers dancing all together. Wishing much bravery, creativity, and love to us all in the coming year. Fee Continue reading First 4AM : Self-portrait

Connecticut Minus 26

After committing my daily faux pas, I take a look at myself in the mirror. For one minute my face reappears. My mind reenters my body, flush with my embarrassment. I stare deep into my pores, years back before they were dirty and corrupted by hormones and hot air, to the time of milk and cookies.   California kids yawn. So used to earthquake drills, … Continue reading Connecticut Minus 26