Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Two girls asked me, and proceeded to give me the designated phone with the camera set to selfie mode. I went to take a picture, the blonde saying and laughing, “I guess you can take a picture of yourself.” To which in my indignation I replied, “I’m sorry, I thought I was taking a picture of you, with my sign.”

Millennial psychology is pretty twisted, sometimes. Continue reading Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30


Beauty & Difficulty of One Day at a Time

On my lunch break of a ham baguette sandwich, I hear familiar sounds coming from across the street.  On the stage in the corner farthest away from inside the cafe, there is a peekaboo space between pieces of bamboo in the thicket fence.  It’s the familiar sound coming from the Montessori preschool across the street at 3PM on a weekday. But first, the stern tone … Continue reading Beauty & Difficulty of One Day at a Time

Steven: Making the Film

I began my trip at MOMA.  I went straight upstairs to view the Magritte exhibit.  The gallery was full of chattering French people, and every minute or so I floated back to the summer I spent in Paris, when I walked alone through the Musee d’Orsay, soaking it in.  The bizarre landscapes and subversive humor in Magritte’s canvases proved to be a perfect warm-up to … Continue reading Steven: Making the Film

Bear Island Home

“The Lake” as we call it, is perfect for reflection, realization, planning, and most of all life. This house has been musing its splintered boards and rusty pipes for decades. Built in 1912, it’s a classic turn of the century Lake House with Victorian woodwork to boot. Every facet has a feeling of a living library: the light fixtures, the paper thin walls, the stone … Continue reading Bear Island Home

Connecticut Minus 26

After committing my daily faux pas, I take a look at myself in the mirror. For one minute my face reappears. My mind reenters my body, flush with my embarrassment. I stare deep into my pores, years back before they were dirty and corrupted by hormones and hot air, to the time of milk and cookies.   California kids yawn. So used to earthquake drills, … Continue reading Connecticut Minus 26

Relative Age

On paper I’m 26, but in reality I’m not so convinced.  I feel like it’s more accurately represented as the average of 16 and 36, ten years in either direction, so at any time I’m basically hovering between adolescence and adulthood.  At any time I’m either a clueless teen or a future version of myself of which I can’t possible conceive. This thought first occurred … Continue reading Relative Age

Museum Rhetoric

This past weekend I took a trip to the Natural History Museum next to USC.  I can’t remember the last time I went.  My only priority was to see the Dinosaur exhibits, and not the Butterfly Exhibit, even though it’s closing this week.  Butterflies are pretty, yes, but I guess once you’ve seen a pavilion full of beautiful, winged bugs, you know exactly what to … Continue reading Museum Rhetoric