So long

So long poise so long temperament. We’ll miss it- cogent conversation,  even a structured sentence. So long honesty? So long Marianne So long Michelle Hello Melania. good morning orange-faced Baboon, tapping your fingers in the face of a serious room The digits tremble, the stocks tumble, images crumble- Once the impenetrable fortress of success,  glamorous history of dreams fulfilled for any with the wish – … Continue reading So long


Walking pneumonia Walking self-sabotage Walking centrifuge: Don’t punk out.  There’s a scene out there waiting for you behind the drawn curtains, maybe next to that furry coat & furry wall, you’ll see all the other colors you usually miss. Let your heart float and your mind wander. Mother of pearl guitar name on your neck, like that photo of Merle Haggard in 1999, hanging on … Continue reading Merle


Getting into the passenger’s seat of the blue-mobile with eyebrows for headlights, He produces an unsuspecting micro bouquet from his jacket: synthetic. I feel the leaves to check. Feels like they went to Michael’s to buy this one: the largest rose the size of a small strawberry, surrounded by mini roses the size of erect nipples and baby’s breath.   Plastic, scented adornment of a … Continue reading Given

Horizon (poem)

Something in my heart is loose wonder fills my nights sense of calm remains, for shaken and moving parts continue their movement even when unchecked.   lively and unruly hungry for  adventure detachment maximized joy– pleasure-full and long, long.   new breath new smell new blood new sight new wisdom and very old.   Internal explosion and expansion outweighs the fear that my solid mass … Continue reading Horizon (poem)

thin (poem)

the delicacy of the ego spread thin on a water cracker, served with cocktails of fresh cane juice and uncommon bottles of bitters. the cracker’s crunch a percussive counterpoint to the dulcet baritone professions of passion, pieces and bits of the cracker fallen to the floor, soaked in a bit of oil from the ego paste, now to be incorporated into the hardwood via leather … Continue reading thin (poem)