So long

So long poise

so long temperament.
We’ll miss it-

cogent conversation, 

even a structured sentence.
So long honesty?

So long Marianne

So long Michelle

Hello Melania.

good morning orange-faced Baboon, tapping your fingers in the face of a serious room

The digits tremble, the stocks tumble, images crumble-

Once the impenetrable fortress of success, 

glamorous history of dreams fulfilled for any with the wish – We the People.

Hello misogyny. Hello red.  Nice to meet you, I am blue. Hello clarity.
So long, diction, so long-
Welcome insidious fiction

Hello shattering compromise, shameless idiocracy, climate denied

So long rationality, selflessness, qualification, and applicable skill.

Hello television, pruned and scavenged to its changed bones, chipped, faded, cracked–that’s how the light gets in.

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