So long

So long poise so long temperament. We’ll miss it- cogent conversation,  even a structured sentence. So long honesty? So long Marianne So long Michelle Hello Melania. good morning orange-faced Baboon, tapping your fingers in the face of a serious room The digits tremble, the stocks tumble, images crumble- Once the impenetrable fortress of success,  glamorous history of dreams fulfilled for any with the wish – … Continue reading So long

Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Two girls asked me, and proceeded to give me the designated phone with the camera set to selfie mode. I went to take a picture, the blonde saying and laughing, “I guess you can take a picture of yourself.” To which in my indignation I replied, “I’m sorry, I thought I was taking a picture of you, with my sign.”

Millennial psychology is pretty twisted, sometimes. Continue reading Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Across the Pond: Christmas in London

Christmas Eve Santa Claus is coming to town. Christmas lights, too, although in mostly pale blue. There is a considerable lack of tacky, blow-up, light-up anthropomorphic ornaments because they’re aren’t many front lawns in Greater London.  Shopping on Christmas Eve is perhaps even more anxiety-inducing: the shops and markets close by 4PM. For produce my parents and I went to Borough Market in Southwark, near London … Continue reading Across the Pond: Christmas in London

The Other Corner Part Two

It’s tough not to have preconceptions. “In New York, this. In New York, that.” Regardless of the subject, (be it bagels or fashion), the statement was often a profession of what was the best, or which was the smartest/most efficient way to do something.  I used to find that formulaic phrase very annoying.  While its annoyance has not completely evaporated for me, I realize my reaction was about … Continue reading The Other Corner Part Two

Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

ARTmageddon   September 29 & 30, 2012 Less Car.  More Art. ARTmageddon on Facebook ARTmageddon on Twitter This weekend, as most of you may know, Metro Los Angeles is shutting down the 405 freeway for construction on Saturday and Sunday, and CARMAGEDDON II will descend upon L.A.  (Here’s Metro’s official page with )  During the first Carmageddon in July of last year, we were bombarded with messages of commuter … Continue reading Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

Museum Rhetoric

This past weekend I took a trip to the Natural History Museum next to USC.  I can’t remember the last time I went.  My only priority was to see the Dinosaur exhibits, and not the Butterfly Exhibit, even though it’s closing this week.  Butterflies are pretty, yes, but I guess once you’ve seen a pavilion full of beautiful, winged bugs, you know exactly what to … Continue reading Museum Rhetoric