Not so painfully alone anymore!

This year I was gifted a Macbook Pro. (#firstworldproblems)  Since then I’ve been enjoying the “software pleasures” that Apple computers can behold: Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro.
Ahh, Logic.  Such a boastful name.  Such a beautiful program.  I never had the inkling or opportunity to take and digital media or sound engineering classes while at school.  The theatre conservatory experience leaves room for little else besides acting classes, rehearsals, and emergency coffee runs.  But I found something was missing.
So in an effort to rediscover my love for music, I took up experimenting with GarageBand a couple years ago.  And guess what?  I like making electronic music.  Polyrhythm and dissonance are two of my favorite things.  I grew up playing classical flute, learning the intricate structures and tonality of Bach, even the rule-breaking, romantic world that is Debussy.  So when I was introduced to polyphonic song via Teatr Piezn Kozla (Song of the Goat) from Poland.  For me it was easy to understand, and even more powerful to practice.  Singing in these rhythms revealed sounds in the group (and myself) that were ancient and whole.  It was access to a whole new power, fulfilling resonance of the voice through the entire body. (A great tool for actors if I do say so, myself.)

All that being said, writing songs with my USB-capable keyboard keeps me occupied late at night.  It’s a funny sight.  The MacBook is only 13 inches while the Casio keyboard is about 3 feet long.  Makin’ it work.


Check out my Soundcloud:

Listen to “The Edge,” recorded in my bedroom.

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