Summer Hallmark Card (poem)

At first a playlist,
when it was going to be so purportedly hot
one could fry an egg on the sidewalk

second it was a wave,
a passing of friendship
from knew to used to know

third it was the solstice,
and the incumbent restlessness, sleeplessness, and thoughtfulness

fourth it was the solstice party
where an unexpected group
all threw down a memory
to burn
to release into the ether
for a newer year to come

5 is the Heat Wave
and the weak, unassuming southern Californians
too wimpy to withstand 85 degrees
and malfunctioning AC

6th is the Fourth
in its red, white and blue
light beer hangovers, fireworks, and hopefully a blueberry pie

7th is the echoes of bands across a sunny field
aching feet but bellowing souls
dancing and dancing to new songs
in the hand of all that is spiritual

8th is a placid body of water
salty or no
a gust of replenishing wind into a technicolor sunset

9th is the drive
up north south east or west
into a shared oblivion
a distance, lengthening hope and time to their limits

to the 10th, unknown.

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