New Sounds from my Autoharp

This past spring I went to Joshua Tree for a photo project, and the trip was quite surreal.  When it came time to take pictures, the camera battery was dead.  We couldn’t find a campsite.  There was an Equinox rave happening at the closest available campground.  So it seemed like all signs pointed to “BUST” and we drove home at 1AM.  At breakfast the next morning we concurred that the journey had great potential to be an indie film.  Paul Rudd, are you available to be the Sheriff?

The saving grace, it seems, was the afternoon before.  We spent some time looking at antiques on 29 Palms Highway, and in the back room of a particular shop, there was this autoharp:  Caked in dust, cracked, I strummed the C and G chords, and its dissonance was positively magical.  I felt magnetized to the spot.  The search was over!

The artistic portion of the trip may have been a bust, but I like to think the desert took care of us, and the purpose was actually for me to find this instrument.

When you work in cafes, there are a few songs that you constantly hear.  This is one of the ones from my current job at Fix.  Enjoy.




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