Across the Pond: Christmas in London

Christmas Eve Santa Claus is coming to town. Christmas lights, too, although in mostly pale blue. There is a considerable lack of tacky, blow-up, light-up anthropomorphic ornaments because they’re aren’t many front lawns in Greater London.  Shopping on Christmas Eve is perhaps even more anxiety-inducing: the shops and markets close by 4PM. For produce my parents and I went to Borough Market in Southwark, near London … Continue reading Across the Pond: Christmas in London


Getting into the passenger’s seat of the blue-mobile with eyebrows for headlights, He produces an unsuspecting micro bouquet from his jacket: synthetic. I feel the leaves to check. Feels like they went to Michael’s to buy this one: the largest rose the size of a small strawberry, surrounded by mini roses the size of erect nipples and baby’s breath.   Plastic, scented adornment of a … Continue reading Given

New Sounds from my Autoharp

This past spring I went to Joshua Tree for a photo project, and the trip was quite surreal.  When it came time to take pictures, the camera battery was dead.  We couldn’t find a campsite.  There was an Equinox rave happening at the closest available campground.  So it seemed like all signs pointed to “BUST” and we drove home at 1AM.  At breakfast the next morning we … Continue reading New Sounds from my Autoharp

appetite for destruction (poem for Paul Walker)

For Paul Walker. One time in high school I saw him in a Baja Fresh in Pasadena, just a regular guy getting his burrito. _____ White teeth: the pride of a lion. A unicorn’s mane is made of rainbow filaments, strung high from the clouds to the tip of the horn. Crashed clown cars: poetic deaths do little more than scramble a collective psychic yearning for … Continue reading appetite for destruction (poem for Paul Walker)

Triple Breakdown

A girl driving a blue sports car comes to a screeching halt at the corner of Sunset and Alvarado.  Her car has broken down.  She bursts into tears, lamenting over how stressed out she is.  A passerby approaches her for consolation. “What happened?” She starts dancing, explaining how her car broke down between sobs.  “Wow,” says the passerby. “Is this funky enough for you?” Now … Continue reading Triple Breakdown

Mr. Tracksuit -vs- Mr. Leather Jacket

In the morning on New Year’s Eve, I was taking the bus to Echo Park, and ran into an inevitable delay.  There had been a two-car collision on the east side of Sunset at Silver Lake Blvd, and the entire street was blocked off by police cars. I thought car accidents were supposed to happen after people started drinking, not before. The bus driver pulled … Continue reading Mr. Tracksuit -vs- Mr. Leather Jacket

Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

ARTmageddon   September 29 & 30, 2012 Less Car.  More Art. ARTmageddon on Facebook ARTmageddon on Twitter This weekend, as most of you may know, Metro Los Angeles is shutting down the 405 freeway for construction on Saturday and Sunday, and CARMAGEDDON II will descend upon L.A.  (Here’s Metro’s official page with )  During the first Carmageddon in July of last year, we were bombarded with messages of commuter … Continue reading Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

flores para los muertos

My hometown of Sierra Madre is about 20 miles east of my current apartment in East Hollywood.  Unfortunately, there is not a direct route from A to B, so you always have to take a certain permutation of freeways, ex: (101-110-210), or (101-134-210), or (2-134-210).  The best option of getting to central Hollywood is to exit Forest Lawn Drive off the 134, and drive up … Continue reading flores para los muertos