Walking pneumonia Walking self-sabotage Walking centrifuge: Don’t punk out.  There’s a scene out there waiting for you behind the drawn curtains, maybe next to that furry coat & furry wall, you’ll see all the other colors you usually miss. Let your heart float and your mind wander. Mother of pearl guitar name on your neck, like that photo of Merle Haggard in 1999, hanging on … Continue reading Merle

Jordan Part Two: Dead Sea & Wadi Rum Birthday

Hello Hello again.  This was a short trip, so this e-mail is coming to you from back home.  However, I began writing this on my layover in the Dubai airport, sitting at a Starbucks, that darling global commodity.  It’s a good question:  What do you do with 5 hours free time in an airport? I buy Duty Free liquor and take a walk.  I’ve never … Continue reading Jordan Part Two: Dead Sea & Wadi Rum Birthday

Jordan: Day 2

Good morning.  Good afternoon? Good evening?  Wherever you may be, hello!  Fee Doyle here. I’m writing from Aqaba, Jordan in the Middle East. I’m here for a short visit with my Mom, who teaches Screenwriting at a MFA program at the Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts.  (Check it out) She’s been here four years, and this is my second visit.  I first came for Christmas and … Continue reading Jordan: Day 2