When Will We Three Meet Again?

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Makbet, playing from October 1st to 18th at Sure We Can, Bushwick, is five actors in search of “the Scottish play:” we’ll let Mari S. Gold tell you all about! When Will We Three Meet Again? In thunder, lightning or at a recycling center in Bushwick, Brooklyn? If you picked the latter, you were along for the ride as… Continue reading When Will We Three Meet Again?

On the Creative Process

“The creative process has more than one kind of expression. There’s the part you could show in a movie montage — the furious typing or painting or equation solving where the writer, artist, or mathematician accomplishes the output of the creative task. But then there’s also the part that happens invisibly, under the surface. That’s when the senses are perceiving the world, the mind and … Continue reading On the Creative Process

Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

ARTmageddon   September 29 & 30, 2012 Less Car.  More Art. http://www.artmageddonla.com/ ARTmageddon on Facebook ARTmageddon on Twitter This weekend, as most of you may know, Metro Los Angeles is shutting down the 405 freeway for construction on Saturday and Sunday, and CARMAGEDDON II will descend upon L.A.  (Here’s Metro’s official page with )  During the first Carmageddon in July of last year, we were bombarded with messages of commuter … Continue reading Carmageddon 2 got you down? Say yes to ARTmageddon

Naked Shakes LA: Street Corner Guerillas

Have you ever seen Shakespeare in the Park?  Have you ever been sitting there with your friends and fancy picnic basket thinking, “This is terrible!”  Me too.  Even the smuggled-in wine can’t make the experience of watching actors holler into lav mics any more tolerable. Sunday night in Echo Park, at Naked Shakes LA‘s inaugural performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it was a different … Continue reading Naked Shakes LA: Street Corner Guerillas

Life and Death in Modern Drama

Thursday night at roughly 11:34 PM, according to Worldometers, the current World Population was 7,060,377,622. In a matter of 5 minutes, the number increased by about 700 to 7,060,378,325.  It’s a mesmerizing clock to watch, life and death ticking away.  (The page also includes other fascinating and curious statistics, such as Cigarettes Smoked and Tweets sent. Check it out.) In the summer of 2005, I visited … Continue reading Life and Death in Modern Drama

Recipe for Fainting in Public

Fainting in Public 1 5’9″ woman 1 night of drinking  1 20 minute walk in 80 degree morning sun 1 skipped breakfast 1 wobbly metro car train full of passengers Stir and shake ingredients in the stomach of the woman.  Watch as she blacks out.  Serve with slices of shock and confusion. ____________________ Yesterday I had the unfortunate incident of fainting in public, scaring myself … Continue reading Recipe for Fainting in Public

Hollywood Fringe Week 2: Love & Survival

It’s Wednesday, June 20th, and the 3rd Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival is in swing for only another 4 days.  The past two summers I participated in the Fringe with my company Cowboys & Indians.  We were a group of BU alumni with Grotowski training that banded together to make some theater.   I’m proud to say in 2010 we won the Bitter Lemons Award for … Continue reading Hollywood Fringe Week 2: Love & Survival

Old Musicals / Time Warps are Fun

Drove out to Thousands Oaks today to see Once Upon a Mattress performed at the Civic Arts Center, presented by Cabrillo Music Theatre. I find the farther north I go on the 101 between LA and Ventura, the more bizarre people become.  Thousands Oaks is a half-oasis.  The P.F. Chang’s looks like a fortress, a mini Caesar’s Palace.  The Civic Arts center? Impressive.  Another concrete … Continue reading Old Musicals / Time Warps are Fun