The Rich Cider Culture of the Finger Lakes

This article first appeared October 25th on thirstymag. In the tippy top of New York State, bordering Lake Ontario, the 14 counties of the Finger Lakes region boast a rich tradition of apple farms, and a booming cider sector.  Exactly three years ago, Governor Cuomo helped pass the Farm Cidery Bill, which made available a new license to farm cideries, (similar to farm wineries, breweries … Continue reading The Rich Cider Culture of the Finger Lakes

Downtown Dialogues: Beer Is Culture

Note: this article first appeared on Downtown Dialogues: Beer Is Culture The newly opened Seaport Studios hosted a one-of-a-kind evening for any beer lover: an in-depth conversation with Sixpoint Brewery Manager Danny Bruckert about the craft of beer making.  Bruckert, who received his brewing education at the American Brewers Guild, shared detailed knowledge on the many factors that go into designing a beer.   … Continue reading Downtown Dialogues: Beer Is Culture

Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

Two girls asked me, and proceeded to give me the designated phone with the camera set to selfie mode. I went to take a picture, the blonde saying and laughing, “I guess you can take a picture of yourself.” To which in my indignation I replied, “I’m sorry, I thought I was taking a picture of you, with my sign.”

Millennial psychology is pretty twisted, sometimes. Continue reading Feelin’ It: on Bernie, NYC, and turning 30

When Will We Three Meet Again?

Originally posted on Our Theater Blog: TandBOnTheAisle:
Makbet, playing from October 1st to 18th at Sure We Can, Bushwick, is five actors in search of “the Scottish play:” we’ll let Mari S. Gold tell you all about! When Will We Three Meet Again? In thunder, lightning or at a recycling center in Bushwick, Brooklyn? If you picked the latter, you were along for the ride as… Continue reading When Will We Three Meet Again?

The Other Corner Part Two

It’s tough not to have preconceptions. “In New York, this. In New York, that.” Regardless of the subject, (be it bagels or fashion), the statement was often a profession of what was the best, or which was the smartest/most efficient way to do something.  I used to find that formulaic phrase very annoying.  While its annoyance has not completely evaporated for me, I realize my reaction was about … Continue reading The Other Corner Part Two

The Other Corner: PS1 Books Inspire

One Sunday ago, after work I strolled over to witness the mass of artists, publishers, and small presses at MoMA PS1 for the New York Art Book Fair.  This was my first. It retained the excitement of the book fairs that would pop up every year at my elementary school–a temporary store of colorful, educational tools which would be a class requirement to attend. Except at … Continue reading The Other Corner: PS1 Books Inspire

the other corner

The streets are streets, and the grocery stores have Smart Water, but it is deeply unfamiliar.  I think I experience the ebb more like a thrust, a rubber band slingshot to New York, not being able to see the return trajectory of the rubber band back towards LA.  I land, and I jump into a furiously flowing current, routines and jobs at full speed.  My overarching feeling in preparation … Continue reading the other corner

Steven: Making the Film

I began my trip at MOMA.  I went straight upstairs to view the Magritte exhibit.  The gallery was full of chattering French people, and every minute or so I floated back to the summer I spent in Paris, when I walked alone through the Musee d’Orsay, soaking it in.  The bizarre landscapes and subversive humor in Magritte’s canvases proved to be a perfect warm-up to … Continue reading Steven: Making the Film